Why Students Choose Bridge Career Education


At Bridge Career Education, we’re passionate about what we do. Honestly, we could go on and on about the all the great reasons why students choose our clinical medical assistant program to jumpstart their careers. But this time, we thought we’d leave it to the students themselves.

Lauren, Joachia, and Anne are three recent graduates who volunteered to share their experience at Bridge Career Education. Below, they tell a little bit about themselves and then offer 8 reasons why choosing Bridge could be the next best career move you make.

Joachia – “I’m 29 years old, and I’m originally from Detroit. I’m ex-military. I came to San Diego a year after I got out of the United States Navy, and a year later, I started at Bridge Career Education. I was looking for something that was low cost, something that was accelerated, and something that worked with my schedule as well. I worked full time while I attended the program.”

Lauren – “I’m 26, and I’m originally from Illinois. For the past four years, I was a professional athlete for USA Rugby. I’ve just recently transitioned into a new career. I chose Bridge because of the short program, which is nine weeks with a two-week externship. That’s really convenient for someone looking for a new career. It’s a fast way to get you out there making money.”

Anne – “I’m 33 years old. I went to Bridge so I could have more experience in the medical field while I’m in nursing school. I wanted the opportunity to apply the concepts I was learning through actual hands-on training. It was an awesome experience.”


8 reasons Bridge Career Education could be your next best career move

  1. Passionate and knowledgeable instructors

    “Even though it was an accelerated course, our instructor made sure we understood everything. He was instilling his values educationally as well as morally.” —Joachia

  2. Hands-on training

    “It made me so much more confident to do an IV in my clinical in nursing school because of the way the instructor taught us to do a venipuncture. It’s not just like, ‘Hey go do this.’ He guides you step-by-step until you can do it on your own.” —Anne

  3. Accelerated courses

    “I started February 20 and finished April 20. I did my externship, and now I have a job at a dermatology clinic, which is exactly what I wanted.” —Lauren

  4. Small classes

    “I like how the class is pretty small, so the focus is on the students. And no matter how fast-paced it was, the instructor made sure we were ready to apply all our skills in real life once we got our externship.” —Anne

  5. Support and encouragement

    “It was a great experience because the school not only worked with me academically but they also worked with me on personal things.” —Joachia

  6. Affordable career education

    “The price is so reasonable. It’s $2395. I talked to some of my coworkers, and they’re still paying off their MA school that took them 9 months and $15,000.” —Lauren

  7. Relevant externships

    “I work for a continuous glucose monitoring company, and my externship through Bridge is with an endocrinology clinic, which is great because it helps me learn more about what I’m doing now. I’m also going to school for Health Care Management. The degree is through Arizona State, but my time at Bridge definitely gets me in the door because I’m working in the field.” —Joachia

  8. A steppingstone to a new career

    “Bridge helped with my externship, and when I found the job I have now, they were my references and they supported me all the way through. Bridge was the stepping stone to getting my career on the road. Without them, I would still be in some form of medical school and not working toward my end goal of becoming a physician’s assistant.” —Lauren

Are you ready to jumpstart your new career in the medical field?

If you are a serious, action-oriented learner who is ready for success in the medical field, we can help get you started.  At Bridge Career Education, we provide top-notch education and training programs that will help you gain the skills, confidence and experience necessary for a rewarding career in Clinical Medical Assisting, Administrative Medical Assisting, or Medical Billing.

For more information on our programs or how to apply, give us a call today at (619) 693-5857.


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